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UNCUT MagAZINE 'Transient' Review 7/10

Former 'Courtney Love' guitarist gets dreamy

Pursuing the more celestial facets of Furs, his band with his sister Ella Wade and The Duke Spirits Olly Betts, Liam Wade's solo debut combines familiar but welcome styles. His vocals recall the wide-eyed yearning of Mercury Rev's Johnathan Donahue - though he also demostrates a surprising Chris Isaak croon on "My Sun & Stars" - While elements of Deserter's Songs, as well as Slowdive's shimmering guitars, can be heard in "Hard To Know". As "The Sky Fills Up Everywhere" could almost be Beach House covering "Knocking On Heaven's Door", and The War On Drugs' warm drowsiness is discernible in "Lost Angeles". WYNDHAM WALLACE

It sounds like a California album, full of hazy vocals on songs that slide by like scenery on the freeway. Wade has a way with dreamy sounds, mixing airy synthesizers with guitar, bass and drums
— Paste Magazine
“Hard To Know”, a captivating glimpse of the sunshine coast, full of effortless vocals and psychedelic guitar.
— Wonderland Magazine
‘Lost Angeles’ is online now, a whip-smart indie jammer with a summertime feel and a nagging, incredibly infectious chorus.

— Clash Magazine
Needless to say, in this day and age, it’s a breath of fresh air.
— All Things Go
“Lost Angeles.” A mid-tempo rocker, the track sounds like the mid-period Stones ruminating on lost weekend in the City of Angels.
— Magnet Magazine
The singer/songwriter enjoys a delicious track with stunning ambiance. The guitars float through the tune with an atmospheric skip, culminating in swirling effects that only add to the hazy, amorous tune.
— New Noise Magazine